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This afternoon we went to walmart to pick up a few things, I was in the baby section when all of a sudden a girl came up to me saying “omg omg I can’t believe it!” I turned around sort if confused at first. Honestly I thought it was someone I knew when we lived here that I just didn’t recognize and was making a big deal of Alana, who was in the tula on my back, lol. So I smiled and said hi and sort of looked around and then she she said “I have never ever seen another tula here!!!” She was so excited and I’ve never gotten a reaction like that while wearing Alana lol. It was pretty neat, so we talked for a minute and she asked my name and then did a little shout out on the tula love page hahaha which made me even more excited! Joey had walked up mid conversation and after hearing what we were talking about was like ohhhh goddddd and walked away lmao he just doesn’t get it.


I am 2 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight 6 days shy from a year after Alana was born! 😁


Today joeys mom tried to tell his brother, who was asking questions about car seats, that you turn a child around when they reach the weight requirements or when their feet touch. I obviously chimed in and said “no, that’s not entirely true, I plan on rear facing Alana as long as physically possible” his dad then said “no Donna you’re wrong, she learned from her French model” implying I got my information from uncredible websites. I was so fucking pissed off. But there’s no arguing with her. Literally minutes before that happened she proceeded to argue with Joey that he HAD to dial the area code on their house phone in order to call his aunt, who has the same area code, while he was on the phone with her after NOT dialing the area code. She’s just never wrong. I understand she raised two kids but it was in a different time but can you not consider the simple fact that I don’t just pull shit out of thin air. 😡

I AM SO EXCITED WE ORDERED CLOTH DIAPERS TODAY!! and I’ve told some of our family more diapers and things would be a good gift for Alana’s birthday. If she was older I’d probably feel bad but she’s too young to understand that diapers aren’t really a “fun” gift, for her anyways. I am just so excited, I can see why it’s sort of addicting. I am already looking at which ones I want to buy next. I really don’t plan on getting crazy though, I’m not gonna be one of those “I need my rainbow and I’ll spend $100s of dollars to complete it NO MATTER WHAT” moms. I’m actually surprised though I got Joey on board so quickly, he’s just happy it’ll save us money in the long run.





Charlotte is 10months and about 18.5 pounds. The baby size Tula holds up to 44lbs so I’m thinking that’d be an alright size.

Jess, what size do you have for Taiden? Did you get the baby or toddler size?

lisajenelle comfortable enough to go for long walks? I’ve never tried one, and they’re a decent price; I just really want to like it.

acampanelli can you help her out?

Alana’s 23 lbs and she fits in the standard just fine with plenty of room to be comfortable. People seem to transition to the toddlers because of height and not so much the weight. So I’d say your baby will be fine in the standard for a while considering they’re smaller than my daughter.


cactus: what has been the most damaging relationship you've been in?

creeper: are there any people who have stuck around in your life even against all the odds?

evergreen: who makes you the happiest?

flower: do you like who you are as a person?

herb: what's your next major goal in life?

moss: what are your 3 main hobbies?

seedling: are there any new friendships which you hope will take off soon?

succulent: what are some things which calm you down?

vine: do you have any bad habits?

Well Alana’s first molar broke through. At least the corner did, woohoo! I was wondering why she was less cranky than she has been lately. Our house is almost back to normal and the carpets almost fully dry! Good day today, lol.

Also, drunk sex is the best sex.


Woke up to Joey telling me there’s a huge flood downstairs, walk down and there’s about two inches of water EVERYWHERE. In our bathroom, hallway, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room. After getting everything picked up off the floor we called housing but before they came we needed to get our puppy out of the house. So at 630 I called my friend to ask if she would mind if I brought him and his cage over for a little bit. Once I got there I put the cage inside and by the time I got back out to the car my dog had locked himself, my car keys and my phone inside the car while it was running… Joey walked over since they only live a street away and somehow got him to stand on the window button and rolled it down. Thank god. Locked the dog up finally and left Alana there since I would be coming back shortly anyways, we got home and it started to pour.. All over everything we had put outside to avoid getting even more wet from the flood. Mind you this was all before 8am this morning. Fucking Friday the 13th.


I’ve decided when we have another baby I am definitely going to cloth diaper! I’d love to start with Alana now but for whatever reason Joey doesn’t want to.. I should have from the beginning! I’m so jealous of all my friends babies cute little fluffy butts lol, not to mention the obvious, it saves money. I’ve already started looking into them and thankfully I have two good friends here who can teach me everything I need to know before hand. 😁


This Louisiana heat/humidity is unbelievable today. 😩

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