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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where and how i want to live after Joey gets out of the army and it’s so much different than how I always thought I wanted to live. I want to live on property with chickens and our own garden, I want to cook with all of our home grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. I want a couple more dogs and more kids. I want to adopt babies and children and fill our home with so much love it could burst. It’s crazy because honestly up until a few weeks ago I didn’t know I wanted any of that, but something changed and I don’t know what. It just feels right, in my heart and in my head.


Literally eating dinner in the kitchen totally by myself and it is THE BEST EVER hahaha. That’s when you know you’re a mom.

9 months today!

Alana is 20 pounds 8 ounces
27 inches long

She already has her two lower teeth and the two top have popped completely through and are coming down. She’s almost fully cut both incisors on each side of her bottom teeth and she’s getting her upper left incisor too, were just waiting on that one to fully cut also!

SHES WALKING! the only time she crawls now is to get to something she can pull herself up on to walk, so she still has to figure out how to go from sitting to standing and the whole crawling thing will be out the door, lol.

She babbles mama and dada but mostly mama ;)

She started clapping the other day but only when daddy holds her up over his head

She uses her pointer finger for everything lol and she’s mastered her pincer grip

She loves when we read to her, she normally yells at the book while were reading

And we’re still cosleeping, baby wearing and all that other good stuff lol

Thank you :)

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