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I just saw a picture of a little boy with hand foot mouth on one of the many “mom” pages/groups I’m a part of on facebook and it makes me feel so lucky that when Alana got it, it wasn’t THAT bad! She only got minor dots on her hands and feet, nothing even resembling a blister, but this poor kids mouth area was absolutely covered. I can’t even imagine what that feels like, let alone being the mom who is trying to comfort or take care of something so terrible looking! Out of all the illnesses or injuries Alana’s had so far at 14 months were so lucky to have only bad mild fevers or cuts and bruises.

So far today hand mopped the upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom and kitchen/dining room, swept, dusted, scrubbed the shower down, bleached the shower curtain, cleaned the bottoms of the toilet, did diaper laundry, vacuumed the living room, vacuumed the window sills, did the dishes, wipes all counters down, cleaned the stove and oven door.

Now I need to wipe down the dishwasher and bottom of the oven, put the dishes away, vacuum the stairs and upstairs hallway, and cook dinner. I haven’t been this productive in a while, lol.


I can’t believe tonight is the last episode on true blood 😢 what will I look forward to now?! Booooooooooo, IM NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE! Lol no but seriously, this sucks.


Tonight Alana and I have the whole bed to ourselves, well until Joseph comes home anyway but I have no idea when that will be. I’m kind of hoping it’ll be after 12 so he has a late call tomorrow and we can spend the beginning of the day together at least.

Alana’s been asleep for a few hours now and I’m glued to Pinterest looking at Halloween and Christmas decorations, haha. I get a little ahead of myself, especially since we’ve never decorated for any holiday and Joey isn’t as into as I am. I want to our house to be “that house” when holidays role around. I want Alana to grow up and remember the fun pumpkins we will carve for Halloween and the way the weather has a crisp new smell when fall finally comes, or the way the house smells at Christmas time from the home made potpourri and the way the lights look in a dark house.

I can’t wait until she’s old enough to understand holidays or special occasions and we can start our own traditions for them. Stringing cranberries and popcorn for Christmas tree garland and the puking pumpkin my mom made us every year for Halloween. I can only hope she’ll appreciate things like that as much as I do now.

Alana slept like shit last night. I thought she might have slept decently after only napping twice, and I was actually able to get her into her crib for the first time in weeks. That didn’t last long. She just tossed and turned all night, kicking me, pushing off of me, rolling all over the damn place. Normally just doesn’t really “wake up” when she does that, but he was basically up with me the whole time. Finally at 3:45 I gave up and went down stairs with her. Joey had to be up at 6 and won’t be home until super late cause he has a jump tonight so I didn’t want her to keep him up any longer. She stayed up and watched the tv for maybe 15 minutes and then we slept on the couch until 8 something without her waking up even once. 😑

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